I've dived with Ken Brown once:

Dive number Date Site Location Area Country Wreck Freshwater Depth (m) Bottom time (min) Total time (min) Divers Quality Summary Equipment
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First dive Last dive
8 Aug 1991 The Abyss Holmes Reef Australia 30 20 39 Iain Hosking, Ken Brown Five stars This must be my reward for years of cold, dark, murky diving. I've had dives like this in my dreams... A wall dropping vertically to incredible depths (1000m on the chart) absolutely covered in life. Along the wall is a spangling of fish of all shapes and sizes; below (in places) was a coral landscape in shades of blue. Upwards the sun shone down through coral fans and caves ('labyrinths of coral caves...' - Pink Floyd). A slight current meant we covered a lot of ground at finning speeds of dead slow or stop. Notable were two families of clownfish (with juveniles), my first giant clam (only 9 inches long but beautifully coloured), unicorn fish (whitemargin and orangespine), moorish idol, parrotfish (don't ask me what kind - saw it eating), pyramid butterflyfish, white sea perch and lemon damsel. New wet suit. 20lbs weight.