I've dived with Glenda Robbie once:

Dive number Date Site Location Area Country Wreck Freshwater Depth (m) Bottom time (min) Total time (min) Divers Quality Summary Equipment
Previous dive Next dive
First dive Last dive
10 Jul 1988 Bass and Flinders Point Cronulla Sydney Australia 6 70 70 Iain Hosking, Glenda Robbie, Mark Robbie Three stars Organised by Glenda and Mark Robbie and their friend Gary, from South Africa. Beautiful day - water very inviting. Started by looking for relics of a demolished pier and continued along the rocky shore. Saw a small stingray, a large octopus, a pretty blue and orange nudibranch and fish galore - leatherjacket, small black and white fish with yellow tails, and single green, blue and black fish.