I've dived with Bridget Aitchison once:

Dive number Date Site Location Area Country Wreck Freshwater Depth (m) Bottom time (min) Total time (min) Divers Quality Summary Equipment
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8 Nov 2008 Shelly Beach Manly Sydney Australia 9 48 Iain Hosking, Bridget Aitchison, Marion Aitchison, Richard C? Three stars Foursome with Bridget, her daughter Marion (15) and Richard. Up at 6am, left at 7, arrived (via M4, ANZAC Bridge, Harbour Bridge) at 8.15am. Parking $8 for 2 hrs, $16 for the day. Quick to kit up, and warm in the water. Swam along the boulder slope to the right, past wrasse, scalyfin, groper, bullseye and yellowtail to a spot with half a dozen wobbegong. Richard took plenty of photos. Marion (who had ear problems) also had a camera. Water 20°C Dry suit, 82 cu ft, Buddy Arctic, 21 lbs weight. $149 to have seals replaced on dry suit - well worth it, though right sleeve was pretty wet. Maybe another 3 lbs would help maintain positive pressure. To buy: knife straps.