I've dived with Alexander Hosking 2 times:

Dive number Date Site Location Area Country Wreck Freshwater Depth (m) Bottom time (min) Total time (min) Divers Quality Summary Equipment
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6 Apr 2015 Shelly Beach Manly Sydney Australia 9 62 62 Iain Hosking, Cameron Hosking, Alexander Hosking, Jeremy ?, Max Hogarth Three stars Took Max Hogarth for his first Australian dive, along with Cameron, Alexander and Jeremy. Busy day at the beach. Plenty of fish; no Part Jackson sharks but one wobbegong. Dry suit, hired aluminium tank
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21 Jan 2024 Fairlight Manly Sydney Australia 9 46 46 Alexander Hosking Two stars Warm, sunny day. Fairlight recommended by Dive Centre Manly as Shelly Beach was exposed to the NE wind. Scored a good parking spot and lugged all the gear down to the beach to change there. Very shallow at first, and poor vis. I was underweight, wihch looked like a showstopper until I figured out that the BC had to be vented repeatedly. The inlet valve may have been jammed partially open. Alexander was OK with my wet suit and 18 lbs of weight. Life: eastern blue devil, wobbegong under a ledge, wrasse, sponges. Fourth Element dry suit, Oceanic Chute 2, 10 litre tank. 10 kg (21lbs) weight + whatever is in the BC. Go Pro 5. Green C-cell torch.