High School of Stirling, 5th year, 1977

If you recognise yourself, or anyone else, and I don't have your name right, can you let me know? What class was it, and who was our form teacher?

Denis Lyons Robin Lorimer Mark Jordan David Hepburn Iain Hosking Chris Jolly Nigel Lindsay Billy Johnstone John Mc? Gillian Greenwood Carole Morgan Pamela Kemp Serena Hall Alan Hepburn Claire Kennedy Jillian Garden Rhona Gardner Freda Jenkins
Nigel Lindsay, Christopher Jolly, me, David Hepburn, Mark Jordan, Robin Lorimer, Denis Lyons
Alan Hepburn, Serena Hall, Pamela Kemp, ?, Carole Morgan, Gillian Greenwood, John Mc?, Billy Johnstone
Freda Jenkins, ?, ?, ?, Rhona Gardner, Jillian Garden, Claire Kennedy

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