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Football NSW U13 Youth League 2008 (Alexander) Choose U13's Division 1 Youth League from the drop-down list.
Springwood Soccer & Sports Club
Springwood cricket Club
Penrith Junior Cricket Association
Cricket U13 2008 (Alexander) ladder Athletics
Friends Reunited A UK site with a database of 40,000 schools and 2.5 million ex-pupils!
Edinburgh University
Phillip Greenspun on using the Internet to pick up Babes and/or Hunks
Wallaces' World Jennie & Richard
(where I work) and ActiveState (Perl on Windows)
Software Engineering for Internet Applications by Philip Greenspun et al
For those with a taste for Scottish epithets
Reflections (laser game). Available once more.
1=bios 2=cpu 3=usb
4=rdram 5=w2k 6=macos
7=irq 8=pcm 9=svga
10=os/2 11=tcp/ip (Brendan) 12=ascii
13=input 14=io 15=cdrw
16=dma 17=csma (free mirror) 18=ccd
19=sdsl 20=ps/2 21=rambus
22=acpi 23= 24=
newsgroups thread
Tank Wars
Defender A classic
Harry Potter site The boys have read all the books and moved onto the web site.
Brendan's maths game
My MP3s
Blue Mountains
(where we live)
Blue Mountains Rural Fire Service

Blue Mountains City Council More on the Blue Mountains (incl maps)
Scotland Online
Scotland ruins
QANTAS Australia's Airline
Virtual Tourist
Relatives News Diving Web Help
Katherine and Niall Quinn currently in Switzerland
Katherine's nappy business (good luck)
Peter's web page
HQ Event Calendar
ABC News Radio (Streaming radio available using Real Audio and Windows Media Player)
ABC Radio National (ditto)
Sydney Morning Herald
What's happening in Sydney
(Australian Broadcasting Commission)
Blue Mountains Gazette
EUSAC Edinburgh University Sub-Aqua Club
Diving in New Zealand
Diving in Britain (Warning - has an unpleasant refresh feature which makes it difficult to use your browser's Back button to get out of the site.)
Phillip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing Eve Andersson
Under Construction - why not to use this phrase on your web site.
Norton Security check
Check your computer for vulnerabilities
Shields Up!Independent Internet Security Testing
Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox
Search Newsgroups
Universal Currency Converter
Convert your spare pounds into $A
Slang dictionary