Diving in Scotland

Scottish Diving Areas

Click on the map to see a list of dive sites in that area. Believe it or not you can even click on inland areas (eg Deeside)

Clickable map of Scottish diving areas Clyde Skye Scottish%20West%20Coast Scottish%20Highlands Scottish%20East%20Coast Outer%20Hebrides Orkney Oban North-west%20Scotland Mull Kintyre Islay Forth Clyde

Dives in Scotland are in 14 areas:

Name Country Notes
Clyde Scotland
Forth Scotland
Islay Scotland
Kintyre Scotland Covers the Kintyre peninsula, Loch Fyne
Mull Scotland
North-west Scotland Scotland Including the Summer Isles
Oban Scotland
Orkney Scotland
Outer Hebrides Scotland
Scottish East Coast Scotland
Scottish Highlands Scotland
Scottish West Coast Scotland Basically anything from Oban up to north of Skye, not covered by any of those areas.
Skye Scotland
St Kilda Scotland It's a lucky diver who ever finds himself here...